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The Pixar Theory


A while ago I came across something that I was very interested in and excites me greatly. This something is called the Pixar Theory. Jon Negroni came up with a theory that shows how all Pixar movies exist in the same universe. When I first saw this I thought it was so clever and I was so impressed that someone had come up with this theory! I am completely fascinated by the theory, so I would to share it with you. The full version is very long and quite complicated, so I am going to share the simplest version I can. I will link the full version from Jon's website below if you wish to read it.

The timeline begins with Brave. Obviously, it is set in the Dark Ages in a Scottish kingdom. However, it also explains why all animals in the Pixar universe act like humans. During the movie, Merida discovers the 'magic' that can solve her problems, and ends up turning her mother into a bear. The magic is provided by a witch who seems to be connected to the 'will-of-the-wisps'. Throughout the movie we see various animals and inanimate objects behaving like humans.

Centuries later, the animals that had been experimented on by the witch had inter-bred, creating a large population of animals which had become more intelligent and had gained more human-like qualities.
In Ratatouille, we see animals growing with their new personification. Remy wants to cook which is something only humans are able to do.

The next part of the timeline claims that Charles Muntz from Up hears the rumour of the human-like qualities that the animals posses and creates new technology that would allow you to understand the animals. He experimented his new idea on his dogs through translator collars. However, the true purpose for the technology was for him to be able to find the exotic bird in South America. After Muntz's death, his technology became exposed and the relationship between humans and animals worsen. The humans want to expand on the new technology and begin an industrial revolution, which is hinted in Up. At the beginning of the movie, Carl is being forced to give up his house because of new building work. The corporation that is guilty of this is believed to be 'Buy-n-Large' (BNL) which runs everything by the time we get to Wall-E.

In Finding Nemo, we see a group of sea creatures who go and save a fish that was captured by humans. This shows us that the animals do not like the humans as they are extremely angry at them for capturing Nemo. We can also understand from the movie that the creatures are evolving quickly; as we see Dory, who isn't as intelligent as other fish, as she suffers from short-term memory loss.

In The Incredibles, Buddy (or Syndrome) creates a 'killbot' that learns moves from super-humans and adapts. Eventually, the 'killbot' turns on Syndrome and starts to attack humans. The question is; why do the machines have something against the humans? There are other hints in the movie that show inanimate objects 'accidentally' hurting humans. We already know that the animals do not like humans, but what have the machines got against them?

This is where Toy Story comes into it. Throughout the three films we watch the toys getting discarded and becoming fed up. However, the toys are not machines, so how do they have some kind of human intelligence? The answer to this is in The Incredibles. Syndrome states that his lasers are powered by 'zero point energy'. It is unseen energy that is found in wavelengths, explaining how the toys would draw power. In the films, we are hinted at that the toys are not satisfied with the humans. In the first movie, the toys rise up against Sid, in the second movie we find Jessie, who hates her previous owner for throwing her out, and in the third movie we see Lotso, who resents all humans. From all this evidence, it is clear that the machines and objects are ready to take over.

The machines decide to use BNL, a faceless corporation, to take over the world. The corporation is able to suit every need of the humans, leading to an industrial revolution, which eventually leads to pollution. To try and stop the humans from polluting the earth, the animals rise up to them, but the machines will save them. Because of all the pollution, the earth becomes unfit for any animals. So, the humans are put onto 'Axiom', a last effort to save the human race.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the machines have been left in charge to clean up the mess. This is where Cars comes into the timeline. In the movie you do not see any humans, however there are still human influences, as we see human landmarks and traditions. In Cars 2 they travel around the world, making it clear that it is taking place on the Earth that we know.

We are then brought back to Wall-E. At this point in time, Wall-E is the only machine left on Earth. However it is never explained what happened to all the other machines and why Wall-E is the only robot left. At the end of the movie, the humans return to Earth and begin to rebuild society. But what happens next? Well, at the end of the credits a tree is shown growing out of a shoe. This tree very much resembles the one in A Bug's Life...

Yes, next on the timeline is A Bug's Life. The reason that we do not see any humans throughout the movie is that there are not many left. The animals, however, came back a bit faster. The fact that the bugs have cities, bars and have a traveling circus suggests that it is in a different time period to the other animal Pixar films. The other films all have human influences, however in A Bug's Life humans are hardly even implied.

So what is next? The human and animals species grow, along with the machines, until a new species is born. Yes, you guessed it. Monsters. The monsters in Monsters Inc look like horribly mutated animals, only larger and civilized. We find out, in Monsters University, that they even have colleges and schools. However, they are having an energy crisis without the help of humans to supply energy. With help from the machines they manage to create doors to travel to the human world. They use human screams to gather energy, until they realise that human laughter is more efficient. Monsters Inc is said to be Pixar's most futuristic movie, as by the end the monsters, humans, animals and machines are all living happily together. But what happened to Boo...?

Boo had seen everything in the monster world and became obsessed with finding out what happened to 'Kitty'. She remembers the doors that led the monsters to her and becomes... A WITCH! Boo is the witch from Brave. She works out how to time-travel and goes back to what she believes is the source:  the 'will-of-the-wisps'. She uses this magic to create doors, which go forwards and backwards in time, in order to find Sully. But was she ever reunited with the monster? Well, at the end of Monsters Inc we know that Sully was able to visit here at least once as a child, but then eventually had to stop visiting.

So there you have it! The Pixar Theory! I love to watch the Pixar films, thinking about this timeline and how the characters must have evolved. I hope that you are as intrigued by it as I am and that you enjoyed learning about the Pixar universe.

Keep sweet!
Bethany x

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  1. This is so cool! I need to go back and watch all of the Pixar films again!!! :) xoxo Ellen