Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Disney Accessories


We all know that in summer it is nice to wear light and simple clothing and then dress it up with cute accessories, so that is why this Disney Tuesday I am going to show you some of my favourite Disney accessories!

Mickey Mouse Ring

I got  this ring when I was in Disneyland Paris last year. I love it so much as it is really pretty and it has got my initial on it! I think that this ring is the perfect was to add a bit of Disney to your outfit without it being too obvious. It is also great as it goes with anything!

 Red Polka Dot Scarf

This scarf is great on those summer nights when it is a bit cool but not cold enough for a jacket. When you look at the scarf it looks as though it is just a white scarf with red polka dots, however if you look closer you will see that there are little Mickeys in between the dots! You can wear this scarf in so many ways so it is up to you how you wear it.

Minnie Mouse Bag

This bag is super cute! I love the white polka dot detail and black handle and lining. On the pocket at the front there is a sketched picture of Minnie Mouse with her autograph at the bottom along with three hearts. The bag is such a good size as it is just big enough to fit all your summer essentials in, yet it is not too large.

Minnie Mouse Ears

Of course, no Disney accessories post would be complete without any Minnie Mouse ears! I bought these last year in Disneyland Paris and wore them pretty much the whole time we were there! I love them so much! I wear them all the time at home and whenever I put them on I always think of my Disney memories.

Those are all my accessories for today! I hoped that you enjoyed this post and that I have inspired you to add a touch of Disney magic to your outfits.

Keep sweet!
Bethany x

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