Sunday, 8 June 2014

Big Hearts Nail Tutorial


The bees are buzzing, the flowers are growing and the sun is shining, which can only mean one thing... Yes! The seasons are changing and summer, my favourite season, is coming around once again. If you are like me and like to have your nails painted with bright colours and pretty designs then you will know that it is hard choosing what patterns to do and which colours to use. This is why this weekend I am going to do a nail tutorial which is cute and super easy to do!

1. Before I did anything to my nails I made sure that I prepared them first. To start with I filed and buffed my nails using the '4 way nail block' from John Lewis. If you are a beginner then this block is really useful as it tells you which side to use and what it does to the nail. Next I soaked my hands in a bowl of warm water, this helps to soften your cuticles making it easier to trim them. I softly dried my hands and then gently lifted and eased my cuticles back using a cuticle stick that I got from a 'Halo mani pedi set'. I then took my cuticle trimmer from John Lewis and trimmed the excess cuticle skin using small and careful nips. To finish I used my cuticle and nail moisturiser from Boots.

2. To create the hearts you will need to either draw or print out 10 hearts on a piece of paper. Then take the paper and put it into a clear plastic wallet. Using your nail polish fill in the heart shapes, making sure that you keep inside of the line. I used the colour 'Instyle Coral' from Rimmel London to do my hearts but you can do whatever colour you like.

3. Once you have filled in all the hearts you will need to take a black nail polish and paint an outline around the outside of the hearts. To do this step I used the polish 'Black Cab' from Rimmel London and the brush end from the 'nail decoration tool' from Avon.

When finished the hearts should look something like this:

4. After preparing the hearts I painted my nails with one coat of a 'peeling and brittleness solver' from Avon. I use this clear polish as a base coat as it protects the nail.

5. Once the base coat had dried I used two coats of the colour 'Silver Bullet' from Rimmel London. This nail polish is great as it is one of Rimmel's 60 second drying nail polishes. Obviously you can still smudge the polish but it does mean that you are impatient when painting your nails you do not need to sit around for ages waiting for them to dry.

6. Now you want to wait until both your nails and the hearts are completely dry before you move on this step as you could smudge one of your nails or break one of the hearts. If you are positive that they are both dry then you need to carefully peel off the hearts one by one and place them onto your nails. The hearts should come off the plastic really easily so if they aren't coming off then leave them for a few more minutes as they may not be completely dry. Once you have put the hearts into the position that you want on your nail then press down firmly so that the heart will be stuck to your nail.

7. To finish you will need to apply a top coat onto your nails to ensure that the hearts will not move or fall off and to give a lovely shine to your nails. I used the 'Disco Tech top coat' from Miss Sporty. Once your top coat has dried then you are done! 


I hope you enjoyed my first nail tutorial! What I love most about this design is that they are so quick and easy, yet they look great! I think these nails are perfect for summer time as they add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Keep sweet!
Bethany x

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  1. Amazing guide. Thanks Bethany. Always wondered the patterns so neat!