Saturday, 31 May 2014

50 Facts About Me


As this blog is new, and you do not know much about me, I thought that I would do the '50 facts about me' tag. I thought it would be the perfect first post as you are able to get to know a bit more about me... the girl behind the blog!
So without further ado here are 50 facts about me...

1. My middle name is Sarah Jane.
2. I have a not so secret obsession with Disney!
3. I have two younger brothers.
4. I love the smell of new books.
5. I have never played Monopoly.
6. I have a dog called Toby.
7. I love reading and writing.
8. My favourite colour is pink.
9. I love to dance and have done ballet since the age of two and a half.
10. My favourite animals are dogs and guinea pigs.
11. I don't like tomatoes or tomato sauce.
12. I love musical theatre.
13. I have two cousins who are both younger than me.
14. I have been to five different schools.
15. When I was little my favourite TV program was The Bear In The Big Blue House.
16. I love all things vintage.
17. My best friend in the whole world is Ellen Carter.
18. I love the seaside.
19. I eat the whole apple!
20. I hate wasps.
21. I can't do a forward roll.
22. When I was younger I talked a lot... I mean a lot!
23. I love Cath Kidston.
24. My favourite subjects at school are English and Graphics.
25. I like brussel sprouts.
26. My favourite flowers are roses.
27. When I was younger I had two imaginary friends.
28. I love chocolate!
29. I like going on holiday to Spain.
30. My least favourite subject at school is P.E.
31. I am lucky enough to have both sets of Grandparents and two Great Grandparents.
32. I was born in Oxford.
33. I love painting my nails.
34. I have never been anywhere outside of Europe.
35. I love music from the 1940-60s.
36. I love stationary, especially notebooks!
37. I used to have a rabbit called Jessie and a hamster called Nibbles.
38. My birthday is in July.
39. I love Christmas.
40. When I was little my Dad used to call me 'Fuffy'.
41. I have been a bridesmaid three times.
42. I like making videos.
43. My favourite TV programmes are Coronation Street, Gogglebox and Dance Moms.
44. I believe in fairies.
45. In 2012 I went to the London Olympics.
46. I am quite good at napkin origami.
47. I love having BBQs with my family in the summer.
48. I love fairy lights and candles.
49. I used to play the piano and the violin.
50. My favourite season is summer.

So there you have it, 50 facts about me! I had so much fun thinking of all the facts and I hope that you enjoyed reading them.

Keep sweet!
Bethany x


  1. You've never played Monopoly?! How has this never come up in conversation?!?!